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In order to connect a Seller Central account to Jungle Scout, please make sure the following is true:

  • You have a Professional Seller Account: Your account needs to be a professional seller account. If you have an individual Seller account, you won't be able to connect with Jungle Scout.
  • Your Account is Ready: We cannot complete this process if your account is still being set up or verified by Amazon.

Amazon Data Sync Progress

  • The Amazon account sync progress bar at the top of the Amazon Settings screen indicates how much of your Seller Central account data has been imported so far. Depending on your account size, it may take anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days to complete this process. 


  • You can click on the Details button to see a breakdown of the status of your account sync:


  • If we cannot connect your account, you'll get an error message in the top right corner letting you know what went wrong. Correct this issue and try to connect your account again (please reach out to our CS Team if you need help!)
  • If you receive the following message, please contact Amazon Seller Support to learn more about your account status:

    "We cannot process this request because your account is still being set up or there is an issue with your account. Please log into Seller Central for more details."
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