Jungle Scout Icon Visible but Unresponsive

This usually happens when other Chrome extensions interfere with one another.

To check to see if this is the case, please follow these steps:

  • Copy and paste this URL to access your extension settings → chrome://extensions/
  • Move the slider to the left to disable all the other extensions (keep Jungle Scout enabled)


  • Restart Google
  • Try to run your extension again 

If this works, it means there is another extension interfering with Jungle Scout. You can go back through the list and enable the extensions one by one to see which one is blocking it. 

You can also try clearing your history and cache:

  • Copy and paste this URL to access your browser settings → chrome://settings

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Advanced pull-down menu
  • Find the Clear Browsing History option (directly below Site Settings) and expand the pull-down menu


  • Make sure you have the Browsing History and Cached Images and Files boxes checked. Then click Clear Browsing Data


  • Restart Chrome and the extension
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