Subscription & Account Settings → Multiple Users

Depending on the type of subscription, account owners are able to invite additional users to their plan.

If you are the main account owner you can check the status of any available seats & sub-users in your account from the Settings panel under Subscriptions:


You can purchase extra seats to add more users to your plan by clicking the Edit Seats button.

For more information, be sure to read our 📖 Users & Team Management Feature → Additional Seats article.

The main account owner is in complete control of the account. They can Add, Edit, and Remove additional users as needed and choose the type of access they have by creating teams through the User & Team Management Settings:


Additional users won't have access to billing, credit card numbers, or be authorized to make changes to the account (like adding or removing Amazon accounts or changing plans). 

All sub-accounts initially access the app by invitation from the primary user. If you receive an invitation to join someone else's subscription, note that you'll be able to install the extension on your own computer and you'll need to log in using your own credentials (you'll need to set up your own account using the email address where the invitation was sent to). Sharing login details to access the extension is not allowed and it will result in users getting booted off.

For users on a legacy plan (subscriptions purchased before July 29, 2020): Additional seats purchased on a Jungle Scout plan will only grant sub-users access to the web application; however, seats purchased by account owners with a bundle subscription will also grant sub-accounts access to the extension (each member will use their own credentials to log in).

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