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The Product Tracker has some added functionality for organizing and grouping similar items together for an easier workflow.

This grouping option allows you to sort your products in a more effective way while also letting you see a roll-up of the metrics for all of the products in the group. 

Locating Specific ASINs Within your Tracker

If you are looking for a particular ASIN you can enter it in the Search ASIN in Tracked Products field. If you are tracking this product you will be taken to the relevant group tab and the actual ASIN. 


If there are no results the system will ask if you want to add that ASIN to your Tracker. Click on the orange Track Product button, and follow the prompts in the popup window to add the product to a group and start tracking it.


Creating a New Group

To create a new group from a scratch, click on the + sign: 


You'll see a popup window. Please start by selecting the relevant marketplace for your new group. Next, give it a name and choose whether you want to allow your team to edit and/or delete this group (if you have additional seats/sub-account users in your plan).


Finally, add your products. You can enter up to 10 ASINs or Amazon URLs separated by commas. Click the Create and Add Products button to finish:


💡 Make sure you select the correct marketplace for that ASIN in order to receive country-specific data for that product. The Product Tracker will automatically give you information in the currency of that particular marketplace/country.

Adding Products to an Existing Group

Adding Individual Products: You can add products to any existing group by clicking the tab of the group and then the Add Products button. Enter up to 10 ASINs or Amazon URLs (separated by commas) and click Add to finish.



Bulk Upload Feature: You can upload a CSV file with a list of ASINs using the Bulk Upload Products feature within the Add Products dropdown menu.


💡 You can use any CSV file, however, your ASINS must be listed within a single column and it must have the header "ASIN", otherwise, data won't be imported correctly.  


You can use the following CSV file template if you prefer.

Group & Visualization Options 

Heatmap: You are able to toggle on the Heatmap to show you a colour code of the Minimum and Maximum Values for each column. This allows you to see the top-performing opportunities at a glance: 

Screenshot 2023-10-26 at 15.28.26.png

Recommended Products: You'll find this option within the Add Products dropdown. This feature displays a list of products related to keywords in the name of your group so what you call your group is actually important. This is a great option to find other relevant ASINs for you to track. Just tick the boxes of any products you'll like to include and click the Add to Group button.


Group Overview: You can click the Group Overview header to access a summary of different metrics for all of the products in the group. 


Editing a Group: If at some point you need to edit one of your groups, you can click on the vertical ellipsis icon to open the menu. You'll be able to edit the name of your group or delete it.


Ungrouped Products: You can easily move products from the Ungrouped tab to any group. Just tick the box next to a product name and select the Move option. Follow the prompts to choose the new group and add it there. You can select and move multiple products at once. This also works for moving products between existing groups. 

When selecting a product you'll see additional discoverable actions:


Besides moving a product you can also delete it from your Tracker, turn product alerts on or off, or search for that ASIN in Supplier Database

Date Range: Depending on your plan, you can choose a specific timeframe for the data displayed in the Tracker by clicking on a preset date range option. You can now choose between 1 month (Basic), 3 months (Suite), or 6 months (Professional). 


Customizing Columns: Click the icon next to the Download CSV option to access the Customize Columns pop-up window. You'll be able to enable/disable different columns to choose which data you want to see.



You can also select a custom order for the columns by selecting, dragging, and dropping each one based on your preferred order:


Be sure to hit the Save button when you finish customizing your columns to save your changes.

Additional Features 

CSV Download: You can export a CSV of a Product Tracker group by clicking on the Download CSV option. You are able to export 7 files per week, however, if you have connected your Amazon Seller Central & Jungle Scout Accounts you'll be able to increase this limit to 100 per week. Limits reset on Saturday at midnight PT and it takes one full day to reflect on your account.


You can see how many downloads you have remaining for the week by hovering over the Download CSV icon:


Individual Product Options: Clicking on the ellipsis icon on the left-hand side gives you access to a few additional options:


  • Turn On Alerts: Click this option to enable/disable alerts for this product
  • View Notes: Select this option to open the Product Notes feature. You'll be able to see existing notes, edit them or save a new one


  • Find Supplier: Open Supplier Database to look for suppliers for this product
  • Download CSV File: Export ASIN's data to a CSV File
  • Delete: Remove this product from your Tracker

View ON Amazon: Click the Amazon icon to view the listing directly on Amazon


Finally, while hovering over a specific row, click the View button to access the Product Trends Graph


You can customize which information is displayed in the graph, just select/deselect each option at the top:


You can also click the ruler icon to toggle the Y-Axis on/off:


Depending on your selection, you can hover over each day to see the units sold, inventory levels, BSR rank and/or price:



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