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The Listing Builder feature (available to Suite & Professional subscribers) is designed to create competitive listings more easily by ensuring you use the best keywords for your product and optimize their placement in your Amazon listing. You can either add keywords you've previously saved to your Keyword Lists using Keyword Scout, or create a list on the spot. 

Listing Builder at a Glance

You can find the Listing Builder under the Keywords toolset. From the main dashboard, you can Manage, Create, or Import listings. 

For step-by-step instructions on using either one of the latter options, please read the corresponding article:


Once you've imported or drafted a listing, you'll see some additional options in the main dashboard.


  • Search → Enter an ASIN, SKU, or Title in the search field to find a specific listing (the ASIN, SKU, and Parent ASIN information is extracted directly from Amazon and only available if you have imported or pushed a listing to Seller Central).
  • Filter → You can filter your listings by Status (Draft, Queued To Amazon, Try Syncing Again, Synced To Amazon, or Sync In Progress).
  • Optimization Score → This is based on the 📘 Listing Optimization Score assigned to your listing as you make changes in the Content Editor.
  • Last Updated This shows you the last time you made any changes to your listing. 
  • Columns → Customize which columns and in which order you'd like to see this information displayed in the table:


  • Listing Options → You can click the ellipsis icon next to a listing title to Edit or Delete the listing from your dashboard. Alternatively, clicking on the listing in the dashboard will take you back to the last step you worked on when you last edited your listing. 

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