Connect to Amazon → Updating Expired or Revoked MWS Auth Tokens

It's very important to mention that if you disable Jungle Scout's access to your Seller account, we won't be able to get your order or product information which will disable Review Automation.

The permissions you grant each application to access your Seller account will automatically expire after a particular time frame, sometimes, they expire after 6 months and others after 1 year

You can also manually disable and revoke any permissions granted in Seller Central directly.   

That's why it's critical that you make sure you renew these permissions on time and that you make sure the Amazon account is active at all times.

Follow these steps to check the status of the Amazon accounts in Jungle Scout :

Amazon Account settings in Jungle Scout

  • Go to the Settings dashboard and click the Amazon Settings tab.
  • Ideally, all the accounts you have connected to Jungle Scout will be shown as Enabled in the MWS Token column:

  • Any accounts that have been disabled from Seller Central will reflect this status in Jungle Scout under the MWS Token column. You will also see a red notification icon:

  • If you see a Disabled notification for an account you still want to use, please review the permissions in Seller Central. 

Account permissions in Seller Central

  • Got to your Seller Central Account's User Permissions page. You can also find it on the Settings menu:


  • Look for the Third-party developer and apps section
  • Click on the Visit Manage Your Apps button to see the details for the current permissions:

  • Inside the Manage your Apps option, look for the Jungle Scout application and check the status column to make sure that shows as Active. Under the Authorization date column, you will see the day it was granted and, right below, the Expiration date.
  • If the permission is set to expire soon, you'll see a notification message indicating this. You can extend the authorization by clicking on the Renew button. 

  • If the status is active, you will also see a View link under the MWS Auth Token column; click on that link to get the code you need to re-enable the account inside Jungle Scout and copy it.
  • If the access has been revoked and the app is disabled, you will see this information on the status column instead and an Enable button:

  • Once the account has been re-enabled, click the View link to get the MWS token

Re-enabling your account in Jungle Scout

  • If your account is Disabled in Jungle Scout, but you have already renewed access in Seller Central and retrieved the MWS Auth Token, please go back to the Amazon Settings dashboard.
  • Look for the Disabled account, click on the actions menu, and select the Enable MWS token option from the dropdown:

  • Please enter the token in the pop-up: 

Once you click on Save Changes, you should be good to go! Just verify the status again and make sure you go back and re-enable Review Automation which could have been deactivated when the account was disabled. 


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