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The Supplier Database is meant to help you find high-quality suppliers that specialize in the products you are sourcing. We have found that on other sourcing sites that show pictures, and price ranges, there is more risk for low-quality or inexperienced suppliers, scammers, and trading companies acting as manufacturers.  

Many sites show pictures of the item you are looking for, or a similar item, along with a range for pricing. Most of the time, the pictures suppliers use on those listings are not of their actual product but instead copied from Amazon listings or Google Images.

This is the same for the pricing. Suppliers use low unit costs to grab your attention but then end up coming back to you with a quote that is way above the advertised price.

This is why you won't find individual product listings with pictures, or pricing in the Supplier Database. We find it better to find a reputable supplier that specializes in the product type that you are looking to source, and then work with them directly on the project.

You will be able to find suppliers that specialize in your product type or material as well as see data on their shipping history, import history and any other US companies they export to.  

For more information on what criteria to look for in a supplier, please go over the information in the 📘 →  Finding a Good Quality Supplier article.

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