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Even though our system collects new information for new products added to your account from Seller Central every 24 hours, the images and product information for existing products won't automatically refresh.

You can update them yourself pretty easily from your Product settings page. Just follow these steps:

  • Go to your Product settings page, look for and hover over the product you want to refresh
  • When you hover over the image you will see a white circle with arrows, click on it and the request to Refresh the image will be sent

One important thing to mention is that once you refresh the images on the Product settings, and if you had an active Promotion for this ASIN before doing this, you may need to go back to the Promotions page and update the image you want to show from there. 

You can follow these steps for that:

  • Go to your Promotions page and look for the product you want to update
  • Click on the Draft or Published buttons depending on the Promotion status to edit it
  • Once the editor opens, please go to Step #2: Edit Listing. From there you will be able to select the image you want to be shown on the Promotion by clicking on the corresponding thumbnail: 

  • Lastly, click on Update at the bottom of that page for the new image to show on your Promotion when Shoppers browse the Deals page!

💡 If your promotion is in the Published status, they and you want to update the main image, you will need to click on the Update button, right above the promotion, rather than the Update & Publish button, at the bottom of the page. 


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