How do I generate Promotion codes?

All the codes are created inside Seller Central and it is very important to do this correctly because once the codes are issued the settings cannot be changed from Jungle Scout, they will need to be adjusted from your Amazon account directly.

***Note that for EU Marketplaces - UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain - There are 2 differences from the instruction in the video below. 

1. Access the Manage Promotions section from the Inventory tab instead of the Advertising tab. 

2. On the 'Create Promotion' tab it will say 'Money Off' instead of 'Percent Off'. 

Everything else is the same! 


  1. For North American Marketplaces - US, Canada, and Mexico: Click the Advertising tab and then select Promotions.

    For European Marketplaces - UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain: Click the Inventory tab and then select Manage Promotions.  

  2. Go to the Manage Product Selection tab
  3. In the Product Selection Type dropdown select ASIN List
  4. Click Create Product Selection button
  5. Paste or type in ASINs that you want to be part of the promotion. The codes will only work for ASIN’s you enter here.  One code will work for any ASIN you include in this list. If you have variations and want the buyer to be able to select any variation, enter all the variation's ASINs. 
  6. Name the group of ASINs in the ‘Product Selection Name’ field. 
  7. Click Submit
  8. Go to Create Promotion tab
  9. For North American Marketplaces - Click Percentage Off                                                                 For European Marketplaces - Click Money Off
  10. Step 1 - Fill in specifics for your deal - 
    1. Buyer purchases - at least this quantity of items = 1
    2. Purchased items - Select the product group you just created
    3. Buyer gets = Percent off. Fill in the percentage off you would like the buyer to receive when they use your code. 
    4. Applies to = Purchased items
    5. Tiers = You can apply tiered discounts if you would like. An example would be: buy 1, get 25% off, buy 2 get 30% off etc… 
  11. Step 2 - Scheduling
    1. Add start and end dates as well as start and end times. 
    2. The soonest the codes will be active and working from Amazon’s side is 4 hours after you create them in seller central. This means you should set the start time in JS to at least 4 hours after the start time in Amazon.
  12. Enter a tracking ID for your reference. This will show up on your Amazon reports so you can see which orders used your discount codes. 
  13. Step 3 - Additional Options
  14. Claim Code = Single Use
  15. Make sure ‘One Redemption Per Customer’ is checked
  16. Claim Code Combinability = Preferential
  17. Expand ‘Customize Messaging’ menu.
  18. Detail Page Display Text = NOT checked. If this were checked it would make the promotion public on Amazon and not limited to the Launch Promotion buyers. 
  19. Click Review
  20. Check the details
  21. Click Submit
  22. Click View or Manage your Promotion link now available or use the Manage Promotions tab, select the promotion (may need to change dropdown selections to make it visible) and select View on the far right.
  23. Click Manage Claim Codes
  24. Create a Group Name
  25. Quantity = enter the number of codes to create 
  26. Click Create
  27. Click Download which will download the codes as a text file to your computer
  28. Open the text document with all of the codes, copy and paste them to Jungle Scout



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