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Badges are extra verification steps a shopper did or did not take to verify their accounts when registering a profile in Jump Send. While you can't see any information about the person requesting the discount (due to Amazon's terms and review policy), you can use these badges to decide which requests you want to approve manually.


Requests with badges guarantee the Shopper is an actual person and not a bot, so it's a good indicator when you are deciding whether to approve someone's request or not. We recommend approving requests from people who have both badges as this shows the shopper is more engaged and has verified their profile, but this is entirely up to you, of course! 

The two badges you might see for shoppers are the following:

SMS Text Verification Badge

This badge proves they are not a robot. The purpose of this verification is to ensure that they do not have multiple accounts and that they are an actual person. 

Verified Login With Amazon Badge

This badge is earned when shoppers log in to a verified Amazon profile while using Jungle Scout. Although we are not tracking information from their accounts, the system will only allow one Amazon account to be verified per Jungle Scout profile. Once an account is linked, it cannot be used by anyone else. 

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