Promotions → Editing an Existing Promotion

You may want to edit your promotion to:

  • Adjust your current offer
  • Re-list a product you have offered before
  • Unlist an active deal
💡 Important!
  • When you change the discount offered through your promotion, you'll need to create and issue new discount codes from Seller Central.
  • And if you want to change your price, you will need to update the price in Jungle Scout so that it matches the price on Amazon.

Editing an Existing Promotion

  • Go to your Promotions tab in your Seller account and look for the one you want to change.
  • If the final price is going to be different than the one you are currently offering, please proceed to deny all pending requests. If you approve shoppers for a different discount than the one they applied for, they might become aggravated and/or confused, so it's best to remove all pending requests before making any changes.
  • From there, click on the Draft or Published button on the product, depending on the status of the Promotion. Set the Promotion to Draft status (if not already) so you can edit this without getting any new requests.
  • After that, you'll be able to refresh the product information, change the start and end date of your promotion, change your support email, edit your coupon codes and/or edit your notes to shoppers. It's VERY important to make sure you delete any old codes so they are not distributed to new customers. Otherwise, they will get an error that their code is not working.
  • Finally, review the information on the Final Step and click the orange Publish button at the bottom of the page. Once you do that, your newly adjusted product will be good to go (just double-check to make sure it is published/active).

Relisting an Archived Promotion

If you want to re-list a promotion that has been archived, please follow these directions:

  • Click on the Launch option and go to your Promotions tab
  • Make sure your Show Archived button is activated, meaning the background of the slider button is green:

  • You will be able to Reactivate this promotion from the Actions... menu you will at the top right of your screen, as seen here:

  • Once you do that you will be able to edit everything as needed, add your dates for this product to make sure it is active and current, enter in your new coupon codes, and/or write any new notes you wish to give to your new shoppers.
  • Go through the steps and when you get to the Final review on Step #6, click on the orange Publish button you will see at the bottom of the page and your product will be live again!

Unlisting or Canceling a Promotion

You can cancel or pause an existing promotion by clicking on the Published button:

Once you're on the edit page click the Actions dropdown menu at the top right and choose Save as Draft or Cancel Promotion:

this will make your promotion unavailable to shoppers.

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