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We want to help you ensure your promotions (and codes) are set up correctly to protect your investment and Inventory Protection is a vital part of setting up your promotion successfully.  

We strongly recommend protecting your inventory. If you decide against enabling the Inventory Protection feature, shoppers could potentially purchase all your inventory using a single coupon code.  

Be sure you follow these steps before activating your deal in order to protect your investment and ensure your promotion runs smoothly:

  1. Only create single-use codes so they can only be used one time and by one person
  2. Activate the Inventory Protection feature when setting up or editing promotions in Jungle Scout
  3. Set a Max Order Quantity directly from within your Seller Central account
  4. Make sure your code is not publicly displayed on your Amazon listing

Setting up the Inventory Protection Feature

To protect your stock, please go through these steps to make sure the feature is properly activated in your Jungle Scout Promotion. 

Note that activating the feature allows you to limit all your buyers to purchase only the number of units per order you select for the duration of your promotion. This will also limit orders purchased at the regular price.

  • Log in to your Jungle Scout account and go to MarketingPromotions
  • Find the relevant promotion on the list and click either the Draft or Published button depending on the promotion status:

  • Navigate to Step #3 → Protect Inventory and make sure that the feature is active or enable this option by moving the slider to the "On" ("Yes") position. Next, you'll need to select the maximum number of units you want shoppers to be able to purchase per order during the promotion as well as the maximum order quantity once the promotion ends (here, you can select the Unlimited option as this doesn't pose a risk once the promo ends in Seller Central):


  • Make sure you click the Update button to save your changes!

⚠️ Important! Inventory Protection only applies to the parent/main ASIN connected to the promotion. It won't protect any variations! This is why we strongly recommend running one promotion per ASIN, even if you have multiple variations. If you choose to run a promotion that works for multiple variations, you will need to set max order limits manually to protect them.

  • Finally, set the Start and End date of your promotion and click the Next Step button once you are ready:


That's it! Be sure to visit our Help Center article for a complete set of instructions on Setting up a New Promotion.

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