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Creating a New Promotion

  • Keep in mind that only active products can be used to create promotions so the first step is to make sure the product is active: Manage Products → Product Settings


  • Next, go to MarketingPromotions  
  • Click the Create New button  
  • Step #1 Choose a product from the list or enter the ASIN in the search box. You will only see active products that haven't been added to another promotion. If you have already created another promotion with a specific ASIN the product will be greyed out and you'll see a message explaining this if you hover over it


  • Chose the product you want to use in your promotion and click the Next Step button  
  • Step #2 Most of the information for the product will be automatically populated but you can edit the title or description if necessary. Scroll down to choose the product category, shipment method, and support email address you wish customers to use in case they need to contact you. Once you are done, click Next Step


  • Step #3 This is probably the most important step in this entire process: Inventory Protection

We strongly recommend protecting your inventory. When inventory protection is turned off, shoppers can purchase all of your inventory with one coupon code. If you decide against activating this feature, you'll need to accept that Jungle Scout is not liable for lost inventory in order to be able to proceed to the next step:


If instead, you decide to enable this feature, you'll need to select the maximum number of units you want shoppers to be able to purchase per order during the promotion as well as the maximum order quantity once the promotion ends:


You can select the Unlimited option as this doesn't pose a risk once the promo ends in Seller Central.

⚠️ Important! Inventory Protection only applies to the parent/main ASIN connected to the promotion. It won't protect any variations! This is why we strongly recommend running one promotion per ASIN, even if you have multiple variations. 

💡 Before you are able to approve requests, our system will need to verify your Inventory Protection settings first! This process might take a couple of hours, but if you are not able to approve requests after several hours, please reach out to our support team! 

  • Next, set the Start and End date of your promotion and click the Next Step button once you are ready:


  • Step #4 Now it's time to create the single-use promo codes in Seller Central. This step includes an embedded video explaining how to get those codes. We recommend watching it as it is extremely important to ensure you create those coupons correctly:

You can also read the Create a coupon Seller Central article 

  • Once you've created the codes using the same Start and End date you added in Jungle Scout, enter the discount percentage you used in Seller Central and check that the final price matches. Next, copy/paste the coupon codes into the list of Single-Use Codes field. Click Next Step

  • Step #5 In this step you'll have the option to choose between manually approving requests to purchase your product one at a time or having the system approve the requests automatically. 

To approve requests manually... Enable the I wish to manually approve shoppers 

To approve requests automatically... Select the Automatically approve shoppers option instead and choose how many requests per day you want to be approved. To set the limit, expand the pulldown menu and select the maximum number of shoppers you want to be approved by the system. You can choose a minimum of one approval, and a maximum of 99 per day.

  • Once you've set your approval limit, please click on the orange 'Next Step' button:

💡 It is important to remember that if you set the promotion to approve requests automatically, and you get more requests in a day than the limit you set, the system won't go back to the remaining requests the next day. The only way to approve those is to approve them manually! 

  • Step #6 Now it's time for the final review. You will be able to preview your promotion; check how many codes were added, whether or not you enabled the Inventory Protection feature, the start and end date, the approve shoppers settings, etc.

If you're happy with your promotion, you can either click the Publish button to activate it or click the Update button to save your settings and publish at a later date:  


💡 Keep in mind that you can save your promotion as a draft at any point during the customization process. Just click the Actions... dropdown menu at the top, right-hand corner and choose the Save as Draft option.

All done! We hope you have a successful promotion with lots of sales!

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