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We know how frustrating missing data can be! Occasionally, Extension will not be able to show certain data points. This can happen for multiple reasons.  

If your Extension is not working at all

Running through an uninstall/reinstall pushes the latest Extension updates and tends to take care of any lingering issues. Please follow the instructions in this article → Installing, Uninstalling, or Reinstalling Extension

If you are missing a specific column

For example, the Listing Quality Score. Access the "Customize View" option, enable the options you want to see displayed in extension, and click Apply

If you are seeing some, but not all data points

This may be due to the way Amazon categorizes and ranks products. If you are not seeing Rank, Monthly, or Daily Sales estimates, check the product listing to see if there is a parent category listed. 

The extension can only estimate sales if there is a Best Sellers Rank (BSR) in a parent category for the listing.

Parent Categories are the ones listed in the dropdown next to the Amazon search bar.


You can check if a listing has a BSR in a parent category by going to the product information section of the listing and looking to see if the first category listed under Best Sellers Rank is a parent category. You will know it is a parent category because it will be included in the dropdown list. Another way to tell is if the category is not displayed as a link.

In this example, you can tell that Kitchen & Dining is a parent category because it is included in the category list and because it is not a clickable link.

Garlic Peelers is a subcategory and you can tell because it is not in the parent category list and it is a clickable link that takes you to all Garlic Peelers. 


Other reasons that may cause the Rank or Sales estimates not to be displayed are: 

  • Amazon Smile website or the smile extension is enabled: Jungle Scout does not work when the Smile app is in use on the Amazon store.
  • Amazon's Translator is on: The extension will not work correctly when Amazon's translator is on because the software is coded to read the information on each listing in the native language of each marketplace. If the translator is on, the extension can't 'read' the data and categories.

    So, if you're on Amazon.com, the listings must be in English. If you are on amazon.de, the listings must be viewed in German. And if you are on amazon.es, the listings must be in Spanish.

    If your translator is on, then when you turn it off, you should see the estimates populate.

Product Variations

When a product has variations, but Amazon assigns the same Best Sellers Rank (BSR) to all of the variation ASINs, Jungle Scout cannot estimate the sales for the individual variations. This is because our estimates are based on the BSR, so if the BSRs are all the same, the sales estimates will also be the same.

In this case, we display the combined estimated sales for each variation on every line.

In the example below, we estimate that the 5 ASINs combined sell about 90 units per month or 3 units per day. This does not mean that each variation sells 90 per month or 3 a day. 


When a product has variations and Amazon gives each variation ASIN their own BSR, we can show sales estimates independently of the other variations. 

To see those variations, and their individual estimates, you have to go directly to the product's listing.

The variations will be represented by an indented arrow to the left of each variation's title. Here you can see each variation has its own BSR and its own estimated sales. 



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