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You can use the Other Transactions section to enter additional expenses or income associated with your company or individual products. 

There are two main sections; Manual Entries & FBA Inbound Shipping


Manual Entries

You can manually enter costs/revenue related to things like product photography, samples, design, and any other transactions relevant to your business as a whole or to an individual ASIN. You have the option to select a category from the drop-down menu or create custom categories of your own.

Creating a Custom Category


Adding a Manual Entry

  • On the Manual Entries tab, click Add Entry
  • Select the transaction level, either the Company level or a product level. If this is a product expense/revenue, click on the drop-down to find the relevant ASIN


  • Enter the date and description
  • Now it is time to enter the amount for the expense/revenue. You can do that by clicking on the drop-down menu, and entering the amount in the field belowOT7.png
  • The last thing is to choose the frequency of the expense/revenue

  • Click the green checkmark box to save your entry

Adding Expenses and Income Outside of Amazon in Bulk

The Download CSV and Upload Entries buttons allow you to request a CSV file via email. This will let you create categories straight from the CSV file, add your Expenses and Income entries, and then upload them directly to Jungle Scout.

  • Click the Download CSV button. You'll get a pop-up message confirming your Manual Costs file is being generated and it will be delivered to the email address registered in your Jungle Scout account as soon as possible




  • Now check your email for a message from Jungle Scout with the subject line "Your product costs export" message. It'll look like this:
  • Image__9_-__Email.png

  • Clicking on that Download File button will open the CSV file (note that, as stated in the email body, the link expires after 15 minutes)
  • Follow the instructions included in the file, enter the product's information under each column
  • Save the file in CSV format
  • Now, go back to Jungle Scout and click the Upload Entries button in the Other Transactions screen
  • Find the CSV file in your computer to upload it

FBA Inbound Shipping

If you use Amazon’s freight forwarding services, you’ll find any associated fees for sending your goods to Fulfilment Centers in this section. This information is populated automatically. Note that the FBA Inbound Shipping expense section will remain blank if you do not use these services. 



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