Keyword Scout → The Science Behind KS

We use a proprietary algorithm combined with historical and live data straight from Amazon which makes Keyword Scout the industry’s most up-to-date and accurate keyword research tool. 

We’ve found that other tools on the market are seriously lacking. To start, their data tends to be inaccurate. The competition estimates Amazon search volumes using Google or Bing data. This probably goes without saying, but those sources tend to lead to very poor-quality data. People go to Google to search how to do something, while people go to Amazon to search for something to buy

The intent of the user is very different and, therefore, the search phrases and volumes in Google and Bing are greatly different than the search phrases and volumes in Amazon.

The other huge problem with the competition’s keyword tools is their search results are largely made up of Amazon autocompletes.  

For example, typing “marshmallow sticks”. Our competitors’ returns are usually words like this:


These keywords are fine, but they all include the words 'marshmallow' and 'sticks', which means we could just bid for “marshmallow sticks” in broad match and we would show up for all of those results.

It has given us ZERO new keyword ideas. 

Keyword Scout, on the other hand, includes a lot of new keyword ideas that are relevant for Marshmallow Sticks. With those results, we've got all kinds of excellent keyword ideas. People use marshmallow sticks for camping, s’mores, fire pits, etc., so these would be great keywords to include in our listing.



For more information on what makes Keyword Scout one of The Top Tools for Amazon Keyword Research as well as some other recommendations, be sure to stop by our blog!

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