Alerts → Enabling Email & In-app Alerts

In-app Alerts

  • To get started with Alerts, simply go to SettingsAlert Settings: 
Now you should be able to adjust the alerts you wish to receive based on the following options:
     BSR: Daily changes to a product's Best Seller Rank
     Price: Daily changes in price 
     Rating: Changes to star rating
     Reviews: Alerts you when a review is added or removed
     Listing: Changes to a listing's title, dimensions, category, and main image
     Buy Box: Notifies you when the Buy Box owner changes
     # of Sellers on Listing: Get an alert when a new seller is added to a listing
     Availability: Changes to a product's availability
  • Move the sliders to the On position (green) to enable those alerts: 
If you activate an alert for changes to the BSR, price, or rating, you'll also need to adjust your threshold by simply clicking on the unit; percentage, or number/amount and moving the slider accordingly (you'll get an alert when the criteria for a certain product drops below your custom threshold):

Email Alerts

  • To access these settings, simply click on the email alerts text highlighted under Product Alert Types:
  • On the email settings panel, you'll be able to choose your email frequency and content.  
           Email Frequency: Select how often you want to receive these messages.
          Email Content → Select what kind of information you want to be included in these messages.
💡 Keep in mind that the Alerts and the Sales Snapshot are sent as two separate messages. Also, the option to enable Sales Snapshot will be available only after 📖 Adding and Syncing your Amazon Seller Central & Jungle Scout Accounts.
  • Choose which marketplaces you want to include in your daily or weekly sales snapshot. If you don't select any specific Amazon Stores but you have enabled the Sales Snapshot box, we will use your default account/marketplace.
For more information on Alerts, make sure you read our 📖 Feature Overview article.
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