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Alerts make it even easier to stay on top of your Amazon business. This feature allows you to get in-app notifications about critical changes to products you track or sell. You can also choose to receive a daily or weekly summary delivered straight to your inbox!

How can Alerts Help me?

With this feature you’ll be able to: 

  • Customize alerts to monitor changes to Amazon products such as price, reviews, ratings and more!
  • Track product review changes and get notified when ratings drop below a specific score as well as for any new reviews or changes to Buy Box ownership.
  • Monitor new product opportunities by tracking changes in a product’s price, BSR, reviews, or other listing features to assess its true potential.
  • Stay on top of your listing by identifying any potential problems such as listing availability, new negative reviews, or low stock. 
  • View regular performance snapshots either as a daily or weekly summary of all alerts to review and track changes over time. 

What Type of Alerts will I get?

You can adjust which alerts you wish to receive based on the following options:

  • BSR: Daily changes to a product's Best Seller Rank
  • Price: Daily changes in price 
  • Reviews: Alerts you when a review is added or removed
  • Listing: Changes to a listing's title, dimensions, category, and main image
  • Buy Box: Notifies you when the Buy Box owner changes
  • New Seller: Get an alert when a new seller is added to a listing
  • Availability: Changes to a product's availability
  • Rating: Changes to star rating
Daily Alerts Snapshot email example:
Daily Sales Snapshot email example:
Make sure you read our article on 📖 Enabling Email & In-app Alerts to learn how to use this feature.
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