Product Costs & Settings → Adding your Product Cost in Bulk (Import/Export Feature)

The Download CSV and Upload CSV buttons allow you to request a CSV file via email with all your products (you can select to export data for all your products, or visible or hidden ones only). This will let you enter your product costs in bulk and then import the edited CSV file directly into Jungle Scout.

  • Navigate to the Product Costs & Settings dashboard.
  • Click the Filter by drop-down menu and select which products you want to include in the file:

  • Click the Download CSV button. You'll get a pop-up message confirming your Product Costs file is being generated, and it will be delivered to the email address registered in your Jungle Scout account as soon as possible


  • Now check your email for a message from Jungle Scout with the subject line "Your product costs export"
  • Clicking on that Download File button will open the CSV file (note that, as stated in the email body, the link expires after 15 minutes)
  • Follow the instructions included in the file, enter the product's information under each column
  • Save the file in CSV format
  • Now, go back to Jungle Scout and click the Upload CSV button 

  • Find the CSV file on your computer to upload it
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