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Team members on a multi-user-account subscription can share groups, preset filters, and lists with other members or keep that information private.

This feature is available on the following Jungle Scout features:

  • Product Database
  • Product Tracker
  • Opportunity Finder
  • Keyword Scout/Lists
  • Rank Tracker

The default status for every new group, preset, or filter you create is private unless you share them with your Team. 

💡 Account Owners can still see all of the Team members' account data, even if you choose to keep this info private. Members with shared access can only see their data and any group, preset, or filters shared by the Account Owner and other Team members.

Changing your Sharing Settings

Whenever you save filters or create a group or a list in one of the supported features, you'll see a toggle that allows you to share that information with your Team. Move the slider to the right to enable this option.


Product Database & Opportunity Finder

  • Choose your desired criteria
  • Click the Save Filter Button
  • Add a name, toggle the Share with my team button on or off
  • Click Save Preset


 Keyword Scout/Lists

  • Enter your desired keywords and run a search
  • Tick the boxes to make your selection
  • Click the + sign to create a new list
  • Add a name and toggle the Share with my team button on or off
  • Click the Add & Create link


If you have existing filters, lists, or groups that you'd like to change to private, you'll need to recreate them to adjust the visibility. Currently, there is no option to edit those settings for existing presets.

You can tell if a group is private or shared by the identifying icon:


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