Alerts → Enabling Alerts for Specific Products

Product Tracker

  • Click the ellipsis icon to the left of the product's image
  • Select Turn On Alerts
  • To disable a previously enabled alert, repeat the process and select Turn Off Alerts



Product Costs & Settings

  • Go to Manage ProductsPProduct Costs & Settings
  • Click the Bell icon to enable or to disable alerts for your product:


Viewing your Alerts

  • To see a summary of your product alerts, click the Bell icon next to your avatar and click View All
  • You'll be taken to your Alerts Dashboard, where you'll see a summary of all notifications based on your settings:
  • Click on the first dropdown to alternate between seeing alerts for all tools, only the tracker, or only your own products.
  • You can also customize your view using the filters:


  • And if you have an extensive list of products, you can enter a product's ASIN in the search field to narrow down your results.
  • Finally, you'll have the option to access Alert Settings to make any changes to the notifications you want to receive.
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