Rank Tracker → Understanding the Data in the Keyword Details View

There are two ways to access the Keyword Details section. 

  • After Adding a Product: Once you finish the steps for adding a product to the Rank Tracker you will be taken automatically to this view.  
  • By clicking on a product name in the general/main overview: Hover over any product in the list and click on it to access this view. 

ASIN General Information

The first part of this section includes general information on the product such as ASIN number and marketplace.


Keyword Graph

This graph lets you analyze and compare historical keyword ranking performance.


  • Click to expand the list of keywords. You can sort the list either by search volume or alphabetically. You'll be able to select up to 10 keywords to see in the graph. 


  • Select the time frame. You can choose to see information for a specific time frame using the calendar (as long as your dates are within a maximum of two years).


  • Finally, you can choose to see the data displayed by day, week, or month. Just click one of these options in the lower, right-hand corner  (D: day, W: week, M: month).   
  • To see the keyword ranking performance information for the selected time period just hover over the chart.

Keyword Table

In this section, you'll see information for all the keywords you are tracking for the selected product. 


This is a list of the columns you'll see in the table:

  • Search Volume (Exact): This is the number of times this exact keyword has been searched for on Amazon (does not include any plurals or misspellings)
  • Organic Rank/Page: This is the ASIN's most recent organic rank for the tracked keyword and which results page the listing is located in.
  • Sponsored Rank: The sponsored position of the ASIN (does not take into account organic ASINs).
  • Ease to Rank: How easy it is for a new product to rank for this keyword. It is measured when collecting data for a specific keyword. We take a snapshot of the 50-100 products we get from this data and assess the number of times the keyword shows up in the title of those products. The less it shows up, the ease to rank is higher or better; the more it shows up, the ease to rank is lower or worse.
  • PPC Bid (Exact) for Sponsored product ads: The Estimated exact match bid rate for PPC for the selected keyword
  • Last Checked: This tells you when the data was last collected (the last time Amazon sent us information). Since keyword rankings and BSR can change several times throughout the day, from time to time it is possible to spot small differences when comparing the information in the Rank Tracker with the current rankings on Amazon. This will help you understand when the last update took place so you can reconcile the data more easily.

Starred Keywords

You are able to mark important keywords to focus on, which also gives you the ability to filter for starred keywords.

To “star” keywords,  click the “⭐️” icon to the left of each keyword, or you can select the keywords and bulk-star them.

Going through the same actions will “unstar” any of these keywords:



Keyword Slide-out Panel

Clicking on "View" next to a keyword, a slide-out panel appears that shows the organic and sponsored rank fluctuations and search volume changes over time.

This allows you to analyze each keyword's rank change for an ASIN:

Slideout Panel.png

Finally, note that you can export all the keywords tied to an ASIN by clicking the Download button in the Keyword Table header:


You'll get a file similar to this one:


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