Extension → Embedded Product Data (Historical Trend Graph)

The Embedded Product Data graphs allow you to view historical data points in order to better understand products on Amazon and ultimately make better business decisions:



The left-hand side of the overview will show you the product's ASIN, BSR, and 3 additional options:


  • Click the copy icon to copy the ASIN 
  • Click the plus sign to add the ASIN to your Product Tracker
  • Click the key icon to run a search in Keyword Scout to find keywords related to that product

Next, you'll see the product's:

  • Daily Sales → Estimated daily sales per unit
  • Monthly Sales → 30-day unit sales estimate
  • Monthly Revenue→ 30-day gross revenue (price x monthly sales)
  • Net Profit / Sale→ Profit after deducting Amazon fees
  • Total Fees / Sale→ Total Fees paid to Amazon based on the product's current price

Next, you can see Trends in the Graph or switch to Details or Reviews



The details view will give you the following additional information:

  • Number of Sellers
  • Seller Type
  • Dimensions
  • Tier
  • LQS
  • Brand
  • Weight
  • Reviews


Screenshot 2024-03-06 at 16.16.56.png

In the Reviews View, you can see the last 100 Reviews broken down daily, weekly or monthly.

From here, you can:  

  • View a historical visual representation of Positive (Green), Neutral (Yellow) and Negative (Red) reviews for the given product. 
  • Generate an AI Review Analysis which will analyze review feedback and quickly identify the most common positive and negative comments and suggest potential product improvements.

Screenshot 2024-03-06 at 16.20.10.png

Trends Graph

  • You can choose to see Historical Trends for the last 3monts, 6 months or 1 year, or 2 years:


  • The following 3 data points will be enabled by default:

    • Buy box
    • Sales rank
    • Daily sales
  • You can select any 3 trends from the dropdown:


  • The graph will reflect the new changes as soon as a new data point is selected
  • You can then hover over the graph to see detailed information for each available date


  • If you don't have embedded data enabled, or instead, you wish to disable this option altogether, please go to the Settings tab in the extension and move the slider to the on/off position for the "embed on Amazon's ASIN Page" option:



  • Please keep in mind that there might be some historical data missing at times. If available, it might be populated after a while, so do check back!
  • Also, at the moment, data points under the "Historical Trend" tab are only available for the US, UK, and ES marketplaces. Check back soon to see if your marketplace is supported in the future!
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