List of Supported Countries (Amazon Marketplaces)

Support for different stores depends on the specific product feature. However, in general, at this time Jungle Scout supports in some capacity the following Amazon marketplaces:

  1. Amazon US (
  2. Amazon Canada (
  3. Amazon Mexico (
  4. Amazon Brazil (
  5. Amazon UK ( 
  6. Amazon France (
  7. Amazon Germany (
  8. Amazon Netherlands (
  9. Amazon Spain (
  10. Amazon Italy (
  11. Amazon Turkey (
  12. Amazon India (
  13. Amazon Saudi Arabia (
  14. Amazon UAE (
  15. Amazon Japan (
  16. Amazon Australia (
  17. Amazon Singapore (

Breakdown of Marketplaces Supported by Feature


*Opportunity Finder → The Seasonality graph is not yet available for either the Mexican or Indian Marketplaces. 

*Suppliers → The Supplier Database has data for goods imported to the US only but it can be used to find a supplier to import to any country. While the data itself is for imports to the US, you will be able to use the information if you are looking to import to another country. The US is the largest importer of goods in the world which means there is a lot of data available that we can use to find top suppliers. The goal is to find a reputable supplier, and the US import data will do that for you. If a supplier is importing to the US, chances are they have a global presence and will ship to your country as well.


The extension has all platforms built-in for ease of use so there's no need to download separate versions. Just open the Amazon store you are interested in and run Extension directly on those results to get marketplace-specific data. At the moment, you can use Extension on the following Amazon stores:

  1. Amazon US (
  2. Amazon Canada (
  3. Amazon Mexico (
  4. Amazon UK ( 
  5. Amazon France (
  6. Amazon Germany (
  7. Amazon Spain (
  8. Amazon Italy (
  9. Amazon India store (
  10. Amazon Japan store (

We are working on adding even more stores so please stay tuned! 

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