Opportunity Score vs. Niche Score

Both the Niche Score & Opportunity Score are proprietary algorithms that grade product opportunities based on a product’s demand (according to units sold), competition, and quality of the listings (determined by a number of factors like title, keywords, number of photos, quality of bullet points and description). However, these scores are measured differently.

The Opportunity Score in Extension is based on all the products in the search results. This means that if you were to load 2 pages of products, that score would be based on all the products displayed on those 2 pages.

Niche Score, on the other hand, is based only on the top products that make up that Niche. This could be up to 10 products or only 3-4 (completely dependent on the niche itself).

If you find a product with a good Niche Score in Opportunity Finder, we recommend digging deeper to validate your results. We have several tools at your disposal to help you achieve this. For example, you can find keywords related to that particular niche using Keyword Scout and then use Extension to check the Opportunity Score for those keywords on Amazon. And, since you want to make sure that your product has a consistent demand, we absolutely recommend tracking product(s) in the Tracker (at least for a few weeks) to make sure that you have the right amount of data to make an informed decision and choose the most promising product.

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