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Review Analysis is part of Jungle Scout AI Assis Integration.

With Review Analysis, you will be able to automatically gather reviews from any entered ASIN, allowing you to find common themes in both seller reviews and those of your competitors to meet customer requirements better and stand out from the competition!

Review Analysis is the third tool inside the Toolbox feature set and is available for the following Marketplace: 


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Getting Started

Start by selecting your marketplace and then entering an ASIN in the search box.

The system scans 50 random reviews from the 100 most recent reviews

The Results

Top Section


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  • Product Name.
  • View on Amazon button.
  • Total Ratings (Star value between one and five stars that a shopper submits for a product, that may or may not include a written review).
  • Total Reviews (A Review has a star rating as well as a text comment).


Review Feedback Table

  • Information in the feedback table is based on the 100 most recent reviews.

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  • You can click on the visualization options in the top right-hand corner to switch between day, week, month and yearly views.

  • You can also hover over the bars on the table to see the positive (greater than four stars), neutral (three stars), and negative (less than two stars) reviews for the relevant time period.



AI Review Analysis

Information in the Review Analysis is generated from the top 50 most recent, most helpful reviews.

This section offers the following insights:

      • Common positive comments: What are the most common positive comments customers make about the product?
      • Common negative comments: What are the most common negative comments customers make about the product?
      • How to improve this product? What suggestions can help improve this product?
      • How does this product compare to similar products on the market? Understand their product's unique selling points, pricing strategy, and overall competitiveness.
      • How to beat this product? What are some recommended competitive actions?
      • Are there any trends in the reviews? Are there any noticeable patterns or changes in the reviews over time?
      • Comment patterns: Is there a pattern in the positive or negative comments?
      • Consistent issues: Are there any consistent issues that customers have with the product?
      • Review length: Is there any correlation between the product's rating and the review's length?
      • Repeat business: Would most customers buy this product again?

💡 Please note if an ASIN has no (or very limited) reviews, the feature won’t be able to perform an analysis, and you will see the following: 

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