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The Content Editor lets you optimize your listing (or build a great one from scratch) by focusing on specific criteria and giving you recommendations based on the Listing Optimization Score. Use this rating as a guide to assess your listing's potential to rank on Amazon.

Building/Optimizing your Listing

Every time you edit one of the fields, the score details for that specific section will be automatically updated. Your listing changes are saved automatically as you go along. 

In addition to the LOS, the Content Editor also lets you track the 30-day search volume for the keywords that you have included in the listing compared to the potential search volume of all the keywords in your bank.


The LOS is based on the following values/recommendations

  • Product Title
    Recommended Value: Between 80 - 150 characters
    This is the first thing your customers see (besides your main image) and is also most likely the first field that Amazon indexes when a customer performs a search. It is important to create a title that tells the customer what the product is while also including the top keywords you want to be indexed for. 
  • Product Features
    Recommended Value: Minimum 5 features
    85-100 characters per feature
    These fields are meant to highlight the features of your product that you want to express to your customer. They are shown as a bulleted list on your Amazon listing and should give the customer more information and specifics about your product. Use this space to highlight important qualities such as size, measurements, count, special features, and anything that sets it apart from the competition. Also, keep in mind to include relevant keywords you have not used yet.
  • Product Description:
    Recommended Value: 1000-2000 characters
    This is where you should describe the product in more detail. You have a limit of 2,000 characters so there is plenty of room to elaborate and give your customers some additional information.  You can reiterate any details you mentioned under features as well as go into further details on the uses, makeup, features, options or anything else you think customers would want or need to know about your product. 

💡 Please keep in mind that we cannot support descriptions for products with A+ content due to ongoing updates. Select the checkbox if you have A+ content and click the link to manage this directly from Seller Central.


  • Backend Search Terms
    Recommended Value: 200-249 characters
    These are search terms that describe your product but they won't ever be visible in your listing. These search terms help Amazon decide which listings to show when a customer performs a search so it is important that you include keywords relevant to the product you are offering. You should not repeat words in this field, and don't include any brand names or competitors' ASINs either as these violate Amazon's TOS. 
  • Product Images:
    Recommended Value: 7-9 Images
    High-resolution images (smallest side min. 1000px)
    While you’re allowed nine images, only seven will be shown when a customer lands on your listing initially. So you just need seven high-quality pictures. You want to create a sort of story that relays key information to your buyers. Besides your main image, consider including lifestyle photos or infographics. Make sure your images are compliant with Amazon's Product Image Requirements

Your listing changes are saved automatically as you go along. Once you achieve a Good Listing rating, you can click the Sync To Amazon button to push those changes to Seller Central. You can read all about this process in our 📘Publishing your Optimized Listing to Amazon article.

💡 It's important to consider that some of the criteria might vary depending on the category you are selling in. You might want to change the character limit according to Amazon's recommendations for that specific category. To do this, click the pencil icon, change the character limit, and click Save. Once you do that, the Listing Optimization Score will reflect these changes and it'll give you better feedback about the quality of your listing. 

If you need more help creating or optimizing your product listing(s), we recommend the following Amazon resources:

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