Listing Builder → Copying your Optimized Listing to Amazon

Now that you have created an optimized Amazon listing from scratch inside Listing Builder, you can set up your listing in Seller Central. 

💡 We recommend watching the following video explaining 📼 How To List Your Product on Seller Central Step-By-Step

Here's a summary of this process:

Creating a New Product Listing

  • Log in to your Seller Central account
  • Click the Add Products option under the Catalog drop-down menu
  • Click I’m adding a product not sold on Amazon
  • Choose one of the following options to create a new product listing:

    • Search for your product’s category and click the Search icon button.
    • Browse the Select a Product Category to find the category that matches the product you want to sell and click Select category
  • Next, enter the required information in each tab

💡 In this article, we'll focus on the fields you can import directly from Listing Builder. We recommend watching the previous video to for a comprehensive guide on filling out the other sections of a listing.

Vital Info: This includes your product's identification number, name, and brand name.

  • Copy your Product Title from Listing Builder by clicking the copy to clipboard icon. Then paste the information into the Product Name field in Seller Central:


Description: This is where you'll fill in the description of your product and its key features.

  • Follow the same steps as you did for adding your Product Name → Click the copy to clipboard icon in each field and paste the information into the correct section in Seller Central



Keywords: To navigate to the keywords tab, enable the More Attributes option on the top, right-hand corner of your screen.

  • Copy keywords added to the Backend Search Terms in Listing Builder.

Fill in the rest of the information to complete your listing and get it up and running on Amazon!



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