Listing Builder → Publishing your Optimized Listing to Amazon

💡Disclaimer & Limitations

  • Connect to Amazon: In order to optimize and publish a listing, you need to connect your Seller Central account first. You can read our 📘 Adding and Syncing your Amazon Seller Central & Jungle Scout Accounts article if you need help on how to complete this step. 
  • Syncing to Amazon: Please keep in mind that it is not possible to create a listing from scratch inside Listing Builder and publish it to Amazon. While you can draft up a listing to help you craft the actual listing inside Seller Central, only listings that have been imported into Listing Builder can be pushed to Amazon.
  • A+ Content: We are not able to support descriptions for products that have A+ content. You'll have to manage this content directly from Seller Central as we cannot override A+ content.
  • Handmade Category: This category is not supported. While you can work on a listing for an ASIN  in this category and even seemingly publish your changes to Amazon, this won't be reflected on your Seller Central account. 

Publishing your Optimized Listing

  • If you've previously saved your listing, click the ellipsis icon and select Edit to go back to the Content Creator:


  • Once you are satisfied with your listing, you can push those changes by clicking the Sync to Amazon → Continue


  • You should see a success confirmation message. Just click Finish to complete the process:


We will send the update to Amazon where it will be placed in the queue. You can check the status of your listing from the main view of the Listing Builder:

  • Queued To Amazon: The updated listing has been sent to Amazon and it has been placed in their queue.
  • Synced To Amazon: Amazon has confirmed that the request went through successfully and changes have been updated inside Seller Central.
  • Try Syncing Again: The request did not go through (Amazon does not provide a reason for this so we recommend pushing those changes again).

💡 If your changes have gone through but your listing is not updated after several hours, please check to see if you have Listing Control. One quick way to test if you have listing control is to manually change the title of a product on the back end of Seller Central. If the changes are actually published on the live Amazon page after some time(keep in mind it might take anywhere from 15 mins to a couple of hours), this means you do have listing control. Otherwise, you may not have full control of the listing.

To solve this problem, please open a ticket with Seller Central support and ask them to remove the restriction and grant you full listing control. To make your case, be sure to include the following details:

  • That you have page ownership of that particular ASIN on Amazon and are the creator of its product detail page.
  • That Amazon’s business logic, known as Detail Page Control, has revoked your listing control over a specific field and you no longer have the ability to edit that field in your listing.
  • That you would like them to reinstate your privileges when it comes to editing that field and lift the restrictions they’ve applied to your account. - That you want full listing control.
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