Connect to Amazon → Enabling Access to your PPC Account

For Jungle Scout to pull in your Daily PPC Costs, you'll need to enable access to Amazon's Advertising API from your Account SettingsAmazon Settings



⚠️ Important! → Before completing this process, you must opt into Amazon's Campaign Manager. If you've never accessed PPC advertising in your Amazon account, you won't be able to enable PPC sync.

After enrolling in Amazon's PPC advertising program, run through the following steps to complete the sync process: 

  • Click on the dropdown menu next to the account you would like to enable PPC data for
  • Select Enable PPC


  • Log in to your Amazon account and follow the prompts in the pop-up window to sync your PPC account data 


If the process is successful, you'll see a confirmation message and the status of your account under the PPC Data column will say Enabled.


⚠️ If you have multiple accounts, you'll need to enable access for each by following the same steps in this article.

Upon syncing your account, PPC data can take up to 12 hours to populate initially. You will start to see data on the PPC tab of the Profit Overview page (under Sales Analytics) as soon as it becomes available. 


If you are Having Trouble Enabling PPC Data

  • First, make sure you have opted-in to Amazon's Campaign Manager. You can sync PPC data if you have completed this step.
  • You must access the Advertising API through the "Login with Amazon" link, not the Seller Central Login. In some cases, the login credentials are the same as Seller Central; in others, they are not.
  • Amazon's Advertising API only has one endpoint, ".com" so don't be alarmed if you sell on another marketplace but are directed to ".com" when logging in. This is the correct URL and the place you want to be!
  • A common issue we've seen is using the same email address for all your Amazon accounts in different marketplaces since you need to use the "Login with Amazon" link to access the Advertising API. It is limited if you use the same email for different accounts in different regions. This mainly happens when you use one email address to log in to an account in the North American region (NA = US, CA, and MX) and an account in the European Region (UK or EU = ES, FR, DE, and IT).  The Login with Amazon authorization mechanism doesn’t support authorizations for EU and NA accounts using the same email address.

💡 Solution: → To enable PPC syncing for any account(s) you are having issues with, please add a new user to that account from Seller Central with an email address that hasn’t been used before (an email different from any you have used for your account in the past). 

  • Go to Seller CentralSettingsUser Permissions
  •  Add a new user email: 


  •  Follow Amazon's instructions to verify the new user and give IT “View & Edit” permissions for the Campaign Manager. You can do this in Seller Central under Settings → User Permissions → Manage Permissions


Now you can use this new user email address to log in with Amazon and enable PPC data from your Amazon Account settings in Jungle Scout. 

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