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The Sales Analytics feature allows you to easily view and analyze the financials of your Amazon business. 

All of your Amazon data, including sales and fees, are synced automatically with Jungle Scout throughout the day. You can also add your product and shipping costs, along with other costs or revenue related to your business, for a complete picture of your profitability. 

The Profit Overview page is the main page within Sales Analytics where you will be able to see product level details for all of your items. A company level view and a Multi-Product view that will show you data for each product separately. So, let's explore each section of the Profit Overview page 🙌😊

Customized View

All data on the page will correspond to the date range for Company level information:



Or for a product you select via Multi-Product view:



Date Range

This is where you will choose the date or date range that you want to see data for. Click to expand the date range menu. The first dropdown menu is Date Range. There are some preset ranges or you can choose Custom to use the calendar and pick your exact date range.


If you would like to compare two time periods, select Compare to Previous Dates at the bottom of the menu. You can choose either Previous Period or Previous Year. Use the dropdown to select which one you want to use.



Previous Period - When using this option, you will be comparing your initial selected date range with the same amount of days preceding the date range you selected. 

For example, if you selected August 14th - 20th 2019 and Compare to the previous period, the comparison date range would be August 7th - 13th 2019. Your initial selection was a 7 day date range and the compare to the period is the previous 7 day date range. 


Previous Year - When using this option, you will be comparing your initial selected date range with the same date range from the prior calendar year.  

For example, if you selected August 14th - 20th 2019, and Compare to the previous year, the comparison date range would be August 14th - 20th 2018. Your initial selection was in 2018 and the compare to date range is the same dates from the previous calendar year. 


Company and Product View

Company level view shows you all the costs and revenue that will be pulled straight from Seller Central. ❗Keep in mind to add your product costs first so that Profit Overview can accurately calculate your product costs and profit! 


Multi-Product View

When you are on the Multi-Product View, you will see a summary for each product in columns, but you can select which product's data you would like to see in detail by clicking on a product's title. Once you do that, you will see the same page as on the Company level view, but just for this particular product:



Units Sold - Net Margin - ROI

In the next three boxes, you will see a snapshot of your Units Sold, Net Margin and ROI for the date range and product selected (or company level). 


  • Units Sold is how many units you have sold based on your date and product selection. It is the total of Units Shipped + Promo Rebates + Pending Units, which you will see broken down below the total. 
  • Units Shipped are regularly priced (non-promo) units that have shipped. 
  • Promo Rebates are any units that had a promotional price associated with them that have also shipped. 
  • Pending Units are any unshipped orders, both regularly priced and promotional.
  • Net Margin = (Net Profit / Revenue)*100
  • ROI = Gross Profit / (Unit Costs + Supplier Shipping).
  • Gross Profit = Revenue minus Unit Cost, Supplier Shipping and FBA Inbound Shipping, Miscellaneous Cost, and Order Fees.

Revenue - Cost - Net Profit - Units Sold - PPC

This section of the Profit Overview page allows you to see the details of your business broken down to a deeper level. 


You can move between each of the sections by clicking on the header {Revenue, Cost, Net Profit, Units Sold, and PPC} to see the Summary table and the graph. The current section you are viewing is indicated by the orange bar. 


The summary section will further drill down into the details for each section. If you have a 'Compare To' date range selected you will see both date ranges side by side. 

17_EN.png              15_master.png

Just as with the summary table, if you have a 'Compare To' date range selected, you will see both date ranges displayed on the graph. This is a great way to visualize how well you are doing now, compared to a different time frame. 

16_master.png  18_EN.png

 Cost Breakdown

The Cost Breakdown section shows you a visualization of each category that makes up your costs. The first section is a total of each of the other cost sections. You can hover over any category to reveal the individual costs that make up the category. 



Use the features of the Profit Overview page outlined above to quickly gain insights into the profitability of your products and business. Keep an eye on performance and take action to crush your competition and grow a lasting business. 



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