Extension Permissions

We have recently updated our Extension permissions in order to support expanded functionality --we have lots of exciting new features planned for extension users! 

Now, the wording of Google's Permissions and Site Access can be a bit misleading (which is out of our control, unfortunately) so let's clear up what these "Permissions and Site Access" settings really mean as they are necessary for our Extension to function correctly.


Browsing History: For starters, please note that we don't actually read (or keep a record of) your browsing history. While an extension could potentially store data about the newly opened tab, we don't. This permission simply allows us to automatically open new tabs when you use Extension. 


Site Access: These permissions are necessary in order to access and provide you the data you are looking for as well as for supporting Extension features, such as the Seller Central graph and Bulk Review Request . We need to be able to read the data on the Amazon page you are on and reference our own sites (where we store the data for Extension), to be able to display information to you. Keep in mind that the extension's purpose is to gather data from Amazon and give it to you, not to gather data from you. 

To ensure we are providing the best possible experience for you at all times, we recommend you select the “On all sites” option:


However, this is completely up to you! Customers have the option of selecting "On all sites" as recommended or "On specific sites".

If you'd rather restrict those permissions, you can always select the "On specific sites" option which will limit our permissions to only certain Amazon-related sites. If you decide to go with this option you'll need to add each site manually.

Configuring "On Specific Sites" Extension Access Permissions

1. Hover over the extension icon

2. Right-click / Control-click to see the pop-up menu

3. Select Options

4. Scroll down to Site access

Once you select this option you'll see a pop-up window asking you to enter the site's URL:


You'll need to enter the URL of each of the websites you'd like to run extension on, exactly as shown on the following list:

  •    https://*.junglescout.com/*
  •    *://www.google.com/*
  •     *://www.google.ps/*
  •     *://*.amazon.in/*
  •     *://*.amazon.com.mx/*
  •     *://*.amazon.es/*
  •     *://*.amazon.co.uk/*
  •     *://*.amazon.de/*
  •     *://*.amazon.fr/*
  •     *://*.amazon.it/*
  •     *://*.amazon.com.au/*
  •     *://*.amazon.com/*
  •     *://*.amazon.ca/*
  •     *://*.amazon.co.jp/*
  •     *://*.amazonservices.in/*
  •    *://www.amazon.com/*
  •     *://www.amazon.fr/*
  •     *://www.amazon.de/*
  •     *://www.amazon.co.uk/*
  •     *://www.amazon.ca/*
  •     *://*.amazonservices.com/*
  •     *://*.amazonservices.ca/*

If you want to prevent the extension from accessing Seller Central (and disable either of the Seller Central Extension features) then make sure you skip adding the "amazonservices" URLs.


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