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Review Automation lets sellers automatically send review requests for new orders. Depending on your plan you can also access advanced settings that will give you more control over which of your products get review requests sent plus unlocking additional review-focused information & data.

Feature Breakdown by Plan

  • Basic → Core functionality: Enable Review Automation to automatically send reviews to all eligible orders, monitor orders and review requests in an organized table view, and identify trends with a graph of sent review requests over time.
  • Suite Core functionality plus skip review requests for select orders and products and set bulk updates to manage your automated review requests.
  • Professional Core functionality, Skipping, and Delaying options: Customize the review request schedule for orders, products, and marketplaces.


  • Access Review Automation under → Marketing from the left-hand navigation panel 
  • Once you've connected your Jungle Scout & Amazon accounts, please start by activating the feature, as it isn't enabled by default. To set it up, just move the slider to the On position.


  • You can also turn Review Automation on by heading to Product Costs & Settings and moving the slider under Review Automation to the On position.

Screenshot 2023-05-30 at 16.59.52.png

  • If you have multiple Seller Central accounts connected for different marketplaces, you'll need to activate this feature manually on each of those stores. Just click the marketplace dropdown next to your avatar, select the relevant store, and navigate to Review Automation to turn the slider to the On position.


  • After setup is complete, Review Automation will automatically send review requests for all eligible orders.
  • Note that, if at some point you disable the Review Automation feature, you'll have to manually turn it on again. We will send review requests to any orders that are still within 30 days, but we won't retroactively send requests to any orders that were missed during the time the feature was disabled. 


Visualization Options/Stats

  • On the left, you can see a summary and a visual representation of your eligible orders and the number of requests sent (overall and in the last 30 days) in the 30-Day Order Request Table
  • On the right, you'll see a summary of new star ratings received monthly for the last trailing 12 months (this information is updated monthly).

Screenshot 2023-08-09 at 15.52.26.png

  • Right below these tables, you will see different stats:

    • Total Requests Sent → Total requests sent
    • 30-Day Requests Sent → Review requests sent within 30 days of the available delivery date
    • Total Time Saved → Time saved by automating review requests
    • Total Skipped Requests → Review requests that were skipped


  • Next, you'll see the Search Bar and Requests Table. You can look for a specific Order ID: 


  • And/or use the filter to find orders based on whether they have "Sent" or "Not sent"


  • Product orders are displayed in a table format which includes the following columns:


  • You can organize the information in the table by clicking over the Units, Status, Order Date, and/or Estimated Delivery Date headers.
  • The Order ID, Units, Order Status, Order Date, and Estimated Delivery Date data comes directly from Seller Central and we have no control over that information. The only column that gets updated by Jungle Scout is Review Request Status.  
  • Data gets refreshed continuously, every 24 hours. At times, you might see an update in Seller Central which hasn't been reflected in the Review Automation table, this means we have yet to receive the latest information from them. At the moment, here is no manual way to "refresh" or update this data, but we will continue to process any pending requests as soon as Amazon feeds us new information.


Advanced Settings


(Suite & Professional Users)

This feature allows sellers on the Suite and Professional Plan to control which of their products and orders get review requests sent.

  • Skip Review Requests for Orders: You can skip review requests for specific orders by selecting the relevant order and clicking on the Skip Requests option:


  • Skip Review Requests for Products: You can also turn off review requests for a specific product or products:



  • Review Requests can be sent after 5 (min) days and up to 30 (max) days after the order is delivered.


(Professional Users)

This option lets sellers choose when their review requests are sent out. These time delays can be set at three different levels.

  • Marketplace → Change the send time for all ASINs and orders within a specific marketplace. To change this option, please click the Review Automation Settings button:



  • Product Change the send time for all orders of a specific product. This can be set up in the Product Settings panel:


  • Order Change the send time for an individual order. Click on the Edit button next to an order number to change this:




  • Requests are sent automatically by default 5 days after the estimated delivery day, which comes directly from Seller Central. However, customers on a Professional plan are able to use the Delay feature to change the default sent time frame.
  • However, if the request is not sent five days after the estimated delivery date or if there is a delay on Amazon’s end, our system will try to send out a review request every day for the next 30 days.


  • If we receive an error from Amazon while trying to send the request, the order status will change to Amazon Error. When this happens, the API will retry to send that request 2 more times, every 24 hours. If we continue to get an error after those 3 attempts (the initial review request, plus the 2 retries) the order will be skipped and we won't send a review request. The order will remain in Amazon Error status but the tooltip will change to "Review Request failed 3 times. Will not retry."  
  • If the request is successful, your customers will receive an email similar to this one:


  • Finally, if you have chosen to activate email alerts, your messages will now include a summary with data for requested reviews:


Order Eligibility

An order is considered eligible by the system if it complies with the following:

  • The order was placed within the last 30 days
  • The order hasn't been refunded and/or canceled → the system automatically skips these

Request Status

You can check the status for each review request in the Orders table: 

  • Scheduled → The request is scheduled to be sent in the default or the specified time frame
  • Skipped Request → The request will be skipped based on the setting you selected
  • Requested → The review request was sent for that order
  • Ineligible → You'll see this status when an order is canceled or the Amazon API doesn't allow the request to be sent
  • Refunded Order → Review requests for refunded orders are skipped by default
  • Amazon Issue → Review request failed (issue originates from Amazon's side). We will attempt to send a second and a third review request in 24 hours. If all 3 attempts fail, we'll skip the order and won't send a request.


⚠️ Important!

Please be aware that the Bulk Review Request and Review Automation features are mutually exclusive. This means that if you have manually requested reviews using the first option, those requests won't be included in the Review Automation stats, as it is not possible to send multiple review requests for the same order. Likewise, if you have enabled Review Automation, you won’t be able to use the Request Review option inside Seller Central. If you prefer to use the Bulk Review Requests, you can disable Review Automation; however, we recommend the latter since it completely automates the review request process for you.

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