Use Cases for Share of Voice Endpoint


Use Cases


Tracking Brand Share of Voice Across Multiple Keywords

Our Share of Voice API endpoint helps you monitor your brand's presence in keyword searches. It fetches the relevant share of voice data for each keyword at the brand level and enables a streamlined process to loop through multiple keywords. This feature swiftly accumulates share of voice data, allowing for efficient filtering and sorting. So, you'll be able to focus exclusively on keywords where your brand is actively present. You can manually select these keywords or employ strategies from our "How to Use API Endpoints Together" guide. This guide can help you expand your keyword list using ASIN or keyword-based searches.



Gathering Comprehensive Clicks & Conversions Data

The Share of Voice endpoint is unique in its ability to not only provide share of voice metrics at the brand level but also deliver detailed clicks and conversions data for the top three related ASINs per keyword, based on the previous week's actuals from Amazon. While data from just three ASINs might seem limited, the real power lies in aggregating this data across multiple keywords. You can compile a substantial dataset of clicks and conversions by sequentially inputting different keywords into the Share of Voice endpoint. This broader dataset offers a more comprehensive view of your performance metrics. Like in the previous use case, you can generate your keyword list either manually or by utilizing another API endpoint for rapid keyword compilation.


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