Use Cases for Keyword by Keyword Endpoint


Use Cases


Streamlining Related Keyword Discovery

The primary function of the keyword-by-keyword API endpoint is to efficiently generate a list of related keywords from a single input. Imagine you're researching "basketball" and must find closely associated keywords. This endpoint simplifies the process, delivering a comprehensive list of relevant keywords connected to "basketball." This saves significant time and streamlines the task of identifying these related terms.


Foundation for Comprehensive API Data Analysis

As outlined in the guide on integrating multiple Jungle Scout API endpoints, the keyword-by-keyword endpoint is a foundational tool for compiling a thorough list of keywords. For instance, if you're analyzing the keyword "basketball," this endpoint can help you understand the historical search volume and share of voice for related terms. Begin with "basketball" as your input at this endpoint, then take the top 50 keywords from the API's response. These keywords can then be used as inputs for analyzing both historical search volume and share of voice, offering a holistic approach to keyword research.

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