Use Cases for Keyword by ASIN Endpoint


Use Cases


Tracking Organic Rank for Multiple ASINs Across Keywords

A key feature of the keyword_by_asin API endpoint is its capability to process up to 10 ASINs simultaneously, providing swift insights into organic and sponsored rankings across relevant keywords for each ASIN. This functionality is particularly beneficial for comparing your products with those of competitors, offering a clear perspective on how different ASINs perform in ranking for associated keywords.

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Discovering Opportunity Keywords

Another practical application of the keyword_by_asin API endpoint is its use in identifying untapped keywords. By analyzing your ASIN compared to a competitor's, you can identify which keywords their ASINs are indexed for that yours are not, and vice versa. This process involves entering one ASIN at a time into the endpoint, retrieving the list of indexed keywords for each, and then comparing the results. This comparison can reveal 'opportunity keywords' – areas where you can focus your efforts to potentially increase visibility and performance.

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