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To use the "Company Lookup" feature in the Supplier Database, you will need to know the company's legal business name. The legal business name is used when importing goods and is how we can identify who imported what goods and from whom. 

Sometimes the legal company is not readily available and may take some investigation to find it. If you type in a name in the search field of the Supplier Database using a Company Search and find a matching result, you know you've found the correct competitor. 

The first name to try and search would be the Amazon Storefront name. This is the most readily available information, and sellers often use the same name for their storefront as they do for their registered business.

You will find the storefront name on the Amazon listing in the 'Brand' field.


In this example listing for Nitrile Gloves, you can see the storefront name of this company is ZOOMGET LLC.

We can search for ZOOMGET or ZOOMGET LLC in the Supplier Database using a Company search to see if it yields any results:



Searching for ZOOMGET or ZOOMGET LLC didn’t yield any results, so we’ll have to dig a little deeper to validate the business's legal name.

Fortunately, most products sold on Amazon are trademarked due to the enormous benefits that Amazon's Brand registry offers. This makes finding the legal business name easier since the records are available to the public.

Looking at the listing and in the title, we see "Gloveworx," which looks like the brand of gloves we can use to search. To do a trademark search, we’ll Google the following: [Brand Name] + “trademark.”

In this example, we Google "Gloveworx trademark." This search yielded 18,000 results, with the first result being an instant match.


Just from the search result snippet alone, we can see that GLOVEWORKS is a trademark and brand of AMMEX Corporation.

We can also click on the link and see who the trademark owner is. In most cases, the trademark will be filed under the legal business name of the company that filed. In this example, we can see that AMMEX Corporation filed the trademark.


Entering that name in the Supplier Database as a Company search gives us a match!! Now we can see all the suppliers ZOOMGET LLC AKA Ammex Corporation/Gloveworx, gets their goods from. You can then look at the names of the suppliers or the 'Imported Products' section to narrow down which one may be the supplier of these nitrile gloves. 




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