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Supplier Tracker is the perfect place to save and manage all supplier communications and important information. 

Within the Supplier Tracker, you can:

  • Add suppliers directly from the Supplier Database
  • Organize potential or existing suppliers by product. 
  • Save Supplier information like contact and shipping details. 
  • Save, compare, and manage quotes.
  • Save, compare, and manage samples.
  • Create purchase orders
  • Create and save custom notes for each supplier or sample

Adding a Supplier

  • Once you have searched and found a supplier record within the Supplier Database, click the Save Supplier button to add it to the Supplier Tracker.
  • You will then have the option to save this supplier to an existing group or create a new group directly from the Supplier Database.


💡You can add a supplier to multiple Supplier Tracker groups by clicking the Add To Another button. This option momentarily replaces the Save Supplier button if the supplier in question has already been saved to one of your groups. This is also helpful to know which suppliers you have already saved.

Organizing and Grouping Suppliers

  • You can also create groups inside the Supplier Tracker by clicking the '+' on the next blank tab of your dashboard


  • Add new suppliers from the Supplier Database by clicking the Add New Supplier button. You will be redirected to the Supplier Database, where you can search for suppliers for your product. All suppliers have to be added from the Supplier Database, they cannot be manually entered at this time. 

💡 We recommend creating groups in the Supplier Tracker for each product you are sourcing. This will help you to keep information organized and compare suppliers or quotes easily during the sourcing phase.

Supplier Info, Quotes, Samples, POs, & Notes

In the Supplier Tracker, you will see each of the groups you have created and all the suppliers you have saved in each one. Click the arrow next to the supplier's name to expand their records. 

  • Supplier Info: This is the first section of the record and includes all the same data you will see in the Supplier Database, including shipment history. If you have contacted this supplier, click Add New next to Contact Info to add their contact details for reference. 


  • Quotes: Here, you can add quote information as you receive it back from the supplier. To add a quote, click the Add Quote button. You can enter the details of the quote in the pop-up window. For more detailed information, see: 📘 Supplier Tracker → Quotes


  • Samples: Here, you can add details as you receive samples from suppliers. Choose Add New Sample and enter details, notes, and pictures in the pop-up window. 

Image__7_-_Samples.png                        dog_bed_2.png

  • Purchase Orders: To generate a PO, please select this option and click the Create Purchase Order button. Fill out all the information available in the pop-up and click Generate Purchase Order


If you need help, make sure you read our article on Purchase Order Agreements

  • Notes: This is where you can keep any notes about the product, supplier, or anything else you don't want to forget. It's a great place to jot down ideas for improvements or requirements you have for the product. 


 .  Image__11_-_Save_Note.png

💡The Find Suppliers of the Help Center has many more resources to guide you through the Supplier Database and Tracker. 

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