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We have indexed all the US customs import records and made them easily searchable inside Supplier Database. You can now find a supplier specific to your product or even your competitor's suppliers.  

There are four ways you can search for suppliers inside the Database. Each term should correspond to the type of search you want to do, i.e. → If you select 'Product', enter a type of product like 'Backpack'. 

  • You can run a search from the main page:


  • Or, from the results page by changing the type of search from the dropdown:


Search by ASIN

You can find the supplier of any item by entering the product's ASIN. The ASIN can be found in the Product Information section near the bottom of the listing: 


💡This type of search only supports ASINs from, but we have found that other marketplaces often have the same ASINs as the .com marketplace. We suggest you always get the ASIN from to ensure you get the most accurate results.


  • Expand the supplier record to see each shipment:


  • You can run a Supplier search using the supplier's name to see their entire export record.

Search by Product

To do a Product search, type in the type of product, like 'marshmallow sticks'.

  • You can filter your results by selecting/deselecting specific countries from the Country of Origin dropdown:


Match score

The results will show a list of the suppliers that source that type of product. They will be sorted by the highest percentage match score based on your search term, which means you will normally see the suppliers that match 100% of the product search at the very top.

The Match score is calculated based on the product keyword search term you use and it is matched against the commodities imported by the suppliers.

You will find it right under the Supplier's name:

We match your search term with keywords listed in a product's Shipment description on the Bill of Lading to ensure accuracy. The supplier’s match score will increase based on how well the search term matches the Bill of Lading description. Suppliers will get a higher score if their top products exported match the search term.

Manufacturer Details

On top of the match score, you will have the manufacturer's name, and below that, you can see their physical address.

If you like what you see so far, you can click the Save Supplier button and choose an existing group or create a new one to save the supplier record to the 📘 Supplier Tracker. We recommend creating Supplier Tracker groups by product for easy organization and reference.

You can also use the Search for Contact Info button, which will open a Google search in a new tab to look for the company's online contact information.


The other details available in this view are:

  • Total Shipments: Total shipments of any goods the company has made into the United States. 
  • Total Customers: Total customers they have shipped to inside the United States. 
  • Top Customers: These are the most frequent customers of this supplier or the customers who use this supplier the most. 
  • Manufactured Products: This graph will show you what type of items they export and the percentage breakdown. 

Shipment History

Click the View More option to expand the shipment history graph and shipment information section:
  • Shipment History: This displays the shipment history for the supplier by month. You can hover over the graph to see the number of shipments.


  • Shipment Information: This section lists all the shipments along with their corresponding information like Date, Customer, Shipment Description, HS Code, Weight (kg), and Quantity. 
    • Results in the Shipment Information section will display 10 records at a time. Go to the next page by using the arrows on the top right of the table. You can also sort the data by clicking on each column header.
    • Move the slider to filter results by best matches or all matches. This will narrow down your results to those that more closely match the term you used in your search.


Search by Company

This is a great way to stay on top of your competition. You can dig in and find the suppliers that your competitors use to get to know more about them. 
Enter the full legal name of the company. If you are unsure, get as close as you can and we will recommend a legal name if we can find one. You can also do some investigating of your own. Be sure to go over the recommendations in the 📘 Finding a Competitor's Company Name article.
We will display the closest match just below the search box:
The other details available in this view are:
  • Total Imports: This is the number of shipments the company has imported since 2014. 
  • Top Suppliers: This list includes the top 10 suppliers this company has imported from. 
  • Imported Products: This is a breakdown of the types of products they have imported. 

Don't forget to click the View More option to expand the shipment history graph and shipment information section.

Search by Supplier

If you have a supplier you are interested in contacting, you can search by name to view their records.

Enter the supplier's name (your results will include close matches) Sometimes, you might see multiple results for the same supplier. This is because each time they imported to the US, they either spelled their name differently or left out a piece of the name. 

You'll have the same options and access to the same information as described in the previous searches.

For more information about how to use all of this data to find the best supplier check out this article: How to use the data in the Supplier Database to find the best supplier

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