Extension → Understanding the Opportunity Score

The Opportunity Score is an in-house algorithm that helps you quickly gauge the opportunity of a group of listings. 

You will see this option at the top right corner in the extension:


The Opportunity Score factors in the demand for a product according to units sold, competition or how many sellers there are, as well as the quality of similar listings. 

The scale is from 1 to 10 where 1 is the lowest opportunity and 10 is the highest.

1-3 Opportunity Score → There is little opportunity for you to enter markets where the score is this low. Low scores indicate there is not enough demand or the competition is too high. 

4-5 Opportunity Score → These may be good products but need more research. Try searching using alternate phrases and re-check the opportunity scores as you go. 

6-10 Opportunity Score → These are the best opportunities and you'll want to start digging into these products more. Add the top results to your Product Tracker and check back on the results often. 

Since the Opportunity Score uses data that is always changing (sales and competition) to determine the score, the Opportunity Score can change from day to day as well. 

The Opportunity Score uses data from all listings that are displayed when you run the Extension. You can remove listings or extract the next pages of results. This will also change the Opportunity Score. You can use this function to narrow down the results to very specific product listings and get an idea of the opportunity that exists. 

If you are unable to see the Opportunity Score on a search results page, please go over the information available in the following article: 📘 Extension → Missing Opportunity Score

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