Extension → Embedded Product Cards in Search Results

The Product Embedded Cards give you a summary of relevant product data right after running a search on Amazon. You can see product information at a glance every time you run a search on Amazon --without having to open the extension!



  • If you hover over the summary box, you'll see a few additional actions:


    • Click the plus sign to add the ASIN to your Product Tracker
    • Click the key icon to run a search in Keyword Scout to find keywords related to that product
    • Click the cog icon to open the Customize View Options:


  • To customize this feature, simply enable/disable the options you want to see in the embedded cards.
  • You can also drag/drop each option to change the order they are displayed in.
  • If you want to hide the embedded cards, please go to the Settings tab in the extension and disable the box next to the "Show advanced sales data on Amazon search pages" option:


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