Amazon Settings → Removing Jungle Scout's Access to your Seller Account

You can remove your seller account by revoking Jungle Scout's access to it from within Seller Central.

⚠️ Keep in mind that if you do this, we won't be able to get your order or product information. This means you won't see any Sales Analytics data, and any requests for reviews will be automatically canceled.

To manually disable and revoke any permissions granted in Seller Central follow these steps: 

  • Log in to Seller Central
  • Hover over Settings
  • Click User Permissions


  • Click Visit Manage your Apps under the 'Third party developer and apps' section


  • Scroll down the list until you find Jungle Scout, and select Disable to the far right


If you run into any problems, we are here to help! Please contact us at or create a support ticket here.

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