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Extension users can access a new data extraction feature to download product reviews in bulk in CSV format directly from an Amazon product detail page.

Through product reviews, you can analyze customer sentiment to get deeper insights into what your customers really think about the products, identify possible improvements, or find ways in which you can add value.

Downloading Reviews

  • You can download up to 100 reviews from an Amazon product detail page (the option is not available in the search results view) directly from the extension or through the embedded product data on the page:

         1. Extension → Open the extension and click the Download and Trends button. Here you will find the option to Download Reviews



         2. Embedded Product Data → Click the Details Tab and the Download Icon next to Reviews:


  • You will see a confirmation message explaining that the data extraction is in progress. You can disable future notifications by ticking the box in the pop-up:


  • The download option will be replaced by a status icon tracking the progress of your request:


Once the data extraction reaches 100%, you'll be able to download the file. Please note that, at the moment, there's no option to filter the results or select which information you want to export. The CSV file includes the following data (details may vary depending on the type of product):

  • Review Date
  • Reviewer Country/Location
  • Review Author Name
  • Review Verification Status → TRUE: verified, FALSE: unverified
  • Review Helpful Count → How many viewers have marked the review as helpful
  • Review Title
  • Review Content → The actual body of the review
  • Rating Score
  • Image Links
  • Video Links
  • URL to the Review
  • Variation Information* → Child/Variant ASIN
  • Style* → Size/Color

*Only available for products/reviews for specific variations

Currently, the feature is available for Amazon marketplaces listed below: 

  1. Amazon US (
  2. Amazon Canada (
  3. Amazon Mexico (
  4. Amazon UK ( 
  5. Amazon France (
  6. Amazon Germany (
  7. Amazon Spain (
  8. Amazon Italy (
  9. Amazon India store (
  10. Amazon Japan store (

We do plan on expanding into other stores/marketplaces soon so be on the lookout for product updates! 

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